Apogia Luxury Apartment


Thanks to Apogia Hotels it will be possible to take a trip into the past.

The Hotel Carlton is the best solution both for a pleasure trip and for a business trip.

With its strategic location, its meeting rooms and its 24-hour reception, the hotel of the Apogia circuit offers its guests a comfortable stay. From the hotel you can easily reach the heart of the city: Piazza dei Signori, a historic center still enclosed nowadays by Renaissance walls.

This city, rich in art and culture, offers numerous opportunities for recreation: you can discover history by admiring the Palazzo dei Trecento, an admirable example of Romanesque architecture, you can discover the artifacts, sculptures and paintings preserved in the Civic Museums or you can relax by walking through the streets of the historic center which largely maintains the typical medieval urban layout, shopping in the best boutiques and shops, or tasting wines and gastronomic specialties in one of the many renowned trattorias.